Casal Mendes branco (DOC Vinho Verde): an historic wine factory known to any consumer

Aliança Casal Mendes is one of the greatest Portuguese wine factories, founded in 1927 almost at the same time as the 2nd Portuguese Republic. It was one of the first exporting wine companies with destination Brazil and Overseas Territories. The founders Ângelo Neves and Domingos Silva produce wines from the Beira, Bairrada (headquarters), Douro, Dão and Northwest regions (where this mixture comes from). The varieties chosen are: Azal, Pedernã (Arinto), Trajadura and Loureiro.

Visually a golden yellow view with some tiny bubbles that announce subtle CO2 in the mouth. On the nose, fruit notes such as apple and pear at the beginning. With the passing of the minutes come memories of Portuguese mountain grass, nuts and a saline bottom. In the mouth round entrance, gasified but pleasant development, and an acidity that puts freshness and nerve. Very light in the mouth, with a slight sweetness and a short persistence that leaves white bone fruit. Its only 10% alcohol make it ideal for any time of the day.

Today Aliança Casal Mendes is a reference of Portuguese wine in terms of production and profits. A production that thanks Francisco Antunes does not need long negotiations for its release to the market thanks to a price of 3'85 euros / $ 4'29 . That you need is an ideal pairing: I propose Portuguese cuisine, and specifically a Bacalhau à Lagareiro typical of the Minho and Douro valleys. My second match is another Bacalhau, this time roasted with sweet potatoes to murro, coming from the Beira Alta (510 Kcal per serving). To enjoy with Casal Mendes and the whole family!

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