Menada Mavrud 2017 (Bulgaria)

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The Bulgarian National Revival (1878) not only returned independence to Bulgaria but a new way winemaking. Thaof nks to new technology and more hygienic processus, the native varieties quality wine is elaborated by the first Cooperatives and begins to be known. But the happyness is short... 4 wars from 1885 to 1945 that will face Bulgaria against the Ottomans, their Balkan neighbors, the Allied and the two belligerents IIWW sides.

The wars ends and Bulgaria is seen in 1946 communist and with its definitive borders. The wine during the People's Republic will break production records thanks to the Sovietic demand. The wine industry was logically nationalized but by the 80's the quantity begins to be abandoned and the quality is sought. With the USSR fall in 1990 private interests put their hands in the Bulgarian vineyard and in this way the first capitalist projects were born.

Visually a medium opacity with a border that begins to evolve. Nose turned towards the fruits of the forest at its point of maturity in its thracian bush still. The strawberry, griotte or cherry notes are revealed in medium intensity. A dry entry in mouth with good acidity. Development of very subtle roundness, warm and with a delicate structure of a very interesting fruit load. Mouth-aromas for the fruit of the forest (raspberry, cassis...) close to graphite and minerals hints. A friendly and fruity finish with an absolutely molten tannin.

This monovarietal from the Thracian Valley, from Menada wineries, which has a Bulgarian wine monopoly in this blog. A price also very Bulgarian, about $ 6'6 that allows you to taste a native variety as the Mavrud. A variety that evokes the fruits of Bulgarian forests full of history and legend. This vintage must be consumed this year. Already. Its tannin indicates this. The temperature service of 12º C will highlight a freshness that is the Bulgarian wines hallmark. And as a pairing a tasty Gyuvetch or a delicious Banitsa .... премахнете кебап !!!

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