Jidvei Grigorescu dry Muscat demisec (Romania): the tribute to a unique artist who deserves toasts

Romanian post-impressionism has a first and last name: Nicolae Grigorescu. A painter from Muntenia trained in Paris. Before becoming a war painter, he traveled to southern Europe (Italy, Greece, Turkey) to enjoy painting the townspeople. After the unification and independence of Romania, Grigorescu returned to France and at the end of the century XIX he returns to his native Romania where he will be appointed a member of the Romanian Athenaeum and the Romanian Academy. This artist will be remembered for his work painted outdoors and for being the icon of modern Romanian painting. This wine is a tribute to him.

2018 vintage: In the glass, a straw yellow color with greenish reflections that effectively confirm a '18 vintage. Aromatically there is a medium intensity with floral and citrus notes. Among the floral spectrum stands out intense pollen from the Transylvanian plain hints. In the mouth, a dry entry, of 5 grams of residual sugar (we already know that the term demi-dulce appears on the label, but in the West this is a dry white). A feminine development like Muscat always give, with an good installed roundness and lightness. Mouth-aromas for that plain pollen, citrus (very clearly orange, the orange blossom...) and some clueless tropical. Very pleasant finish with a nice bitterness evoking the white skin in the oranges peels.

A price of 20 leis that arrives to the West 50% more expensive to become 5'90 euros. No problem, Grigorescu well deserves this tribute and many more. Regarding the wine, it does not show great attributes beyond the peculiarity of being a dry-vinified Muscat with such a positive floral side. Jidvei continues to be the reference winery in all of Romania for its profits and the hectoliters produced each year. As a pairing for this DOC Târnave the Balkan cuisine is always the best for Romanian wine: a crispy Macedonian pastry with Feta cheese, a Dolma (stuffed grape leaves) with a stuffing of rice, mixed herbs and spices for an appetizr, mezze served with kajmak or simply an Black sea grilled fish.


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