Domaine Leccia rouge 2018 (AOC Patrimonio)

Patrimonio AOC is one of the Corsica island crus, in the Mediterranean Sea. Its creation in 1968 responds to a unique micro-climate capable of giving a unique expression to the Niellucciu (red) and Corse's Malvoisie (White) grape varieties. The windy north of Corsica is buffeted by the Tramuntana, Sirocco and Garbino winds which facilitate organic viticulture. The sun is not lacking here and grape ripening is achieved at its own pace, favoring a 1oo% Niellucciu without oak aging that arrives to excite. 


Visually a low opacity with a small justified beginning of evolution, given the uncorking four years after the harvest. On the nose, a delicious expression of Niellucio, a beautiful combo of forest fruit,  musc,  roses and other flowers. In mouth a slightly rounded entry. Wide development where its silky texture and a freshness still present stand out. Mouth aromas of forest fruit beginning to ripen with a touch of moss as a result of this evolution. Medium structure, juicy, not heavy at all (13’5% vol integrated) . A long finish, with a tannin that still accepts a guard still.


Poggio d'Oletta is the village next to the Gulf of St-Florent where the Leccia family state is based, a place that smells of the sea and ancient tradition (the old Hellenes settled in this part of Megalē Hellás in the archaic period). A cuvée valued at approximately 36 euros only. A enjoy at a temperature of 12.8º C. The most recommended pairing is local lamb meat (jarreuse breed) grilled but looking for elegance try a Roast Corsican Venison, Parsley Condiment, Beetroot & Red Onion, Medlar Jus.

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