Umani Ronchi cuvée Montipagano 2020 (DOC Montepulciano d'Abruzzo): the wine of Apennines and Adriatic Sea

Umani Ronchi is quite a large estate and one of the biggest names in the Abruzzo region. The Bernetti family manages quite a few hectares distributed in different territories but all have in common their link with the central Apennines and the Adriatic Sea. Here, the Montepulciano variety extracts the best from the clay loam and sometimes sandy soils of Roseto degli Abruzzi, 200 meters above Adriatic sea level but only 20 km from its shores. This red comes from Abruzzothe 'Green Region of Italy' where its gastronomy reflects the tradition of italian wine-making, the Mediterranean diet and the culture of mountain living.


Visually we see the proper opacity of twelve days of maceration. Aromatically intense: we discover ripe fruit, blackberry, truffle and earthy notes on a floral background. Slightly round entrance. Development of medium structure with an addictive chewy fruit (13% vol.). The aging notes (a part of the wine has gone through the barrel) are fortunately overshadowed by the fruit. Very pleasant to drink and with an outstanding and expressive fruit. The freshness is still present, having tamed after the malolactic fermentation. Slightly fruity finish where the freshness returns. Clean finish, without any SO2 excess thanks to organic work.

Massimo and Michele propose a price of € 9.50, for us so recommendable for enter in the Montepulciano grape's world. The best pairing for this wine are the Abruzzo's traditional dishes: simple and rustic, often featuring cured meats and cheeses, fresh vegetables and fresh pasta. Popular dishes include arrosticini (skewered lamb), peperoni fritti (stuffed ad fried peppers), maccheroni alla chiotarra (pasta made with a special guitar-like tool), pecora all'erbe (lamb with marinated herbs) and acqua cotta (stew made with stale bread). 

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