Domaine Charvin blanc 2021 (AOC Côtes du Rhône)

Côtes du Rhône offers a great diversity of red, rosé and white wines: it is a world to discover. A universe that revolves around an axis: the Rhône river. Historically this river has been a common thread between the civilized north and the warlike south. To toast this river with a glass of Chervin blanc from old vines: Bourboulenc (4o%) - Roussanne (2o%) - Clairette (2o%) - Grenache Blanc (2o%) from Orange.

Visually very clear with silver reflections. A delicate nose with floral touches typical of Clairette and Grenache (dill, fennel, rose, white flower...) and white stone fruit. Entry of small roundness in balance with a beautiful freshness hallmark of Bourboulenc. A certain density that confirms the presence of the Marsanne variety in this southern wine. Citrus notes that bring liveliness without losing the white stone fruit hints. A clean finish found thanks to the organic démarche.

Head to the city of Orange to visit this landmark winery which naturally also produces great aging wines for Châteauneuf du Pape. This white is valued at 18 euros. As a pairing, the river product is the most suitable: Rhône river mussels & fries white wine, cream, butter, shallots, garlic, parsley, Espelette peppers, fries, black truffle. As a second option, a Plancha’s seared shrimps (king-size prawns) and scallops, smoked paprika sauce.

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