Domaine Sant Armettu rouge 2013 (AOC Corse Sartène)

The Corse – Sartène appellation, founded in 1976, has a long history that explains the perpetual situation of the vineyards on steep slopes halfway between the mountains and the sea. The cold that comes down from the mountains and the heat of the Mediterranean climate form an explosive mixture that is perfectly suited to the Sciaccarellu variety. Precisely this variety (often compared to Pinot) is associated with Sangiovese adapted to Corsica (Nielluciu) to give this marvel.

After uncorking ten years later, we find a tile red color with copper sparkles and small particles as a sign of an artisan product. The aroma has also evolved on the nose: notes of candied fruit and caramel on a background of blond tobacco. All this in a great intensity. In the mouth, the entrance is rather dry but pleasant. The solar density does not prevent it from being lighter than heavy on the palate. Mouth-aromas where ripe forest fruit is associated with the maturity of sensations, leaving behind balsamic and spicy hints. Great persistence and 13.5% vol that seem less.

Gilles Seroin, one of the Corsican producers of the new wave, value this mature reference at only 18 euros. Domaine Sant Armettu is among the three best family wineries in the southwest of the island. An island that is already producing 50 million bottles per year and only 35% of these are sold in Corsica. As a pairing an assortment of charcuteria, or wild boar terrine. Try the traditional Bocconcini: veal rolls with Parma ham and gorgonzola.

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