Janna de Mare bianco (DOC Vermentino di Sardegna): a granite Island, source of freshness and white wine

Vermentino grape variety (known in Provence as Rolle, in Corsica as Malvoise de Corse or in Liguria as Pigato) originates from the Greek Peloponnese. As a result of the collapse of the Mycenaean civilization, many inhabitants of the different Hellenic kingdoms sought a better life in other corners of the Mediterranean. The expansion of the ancient Greeks meant bringing with them the art of trade (which they disputed with the Phoenicians) and the grape varieties of this Vermentino.

2022 vintage: Visually a straw yellow color without defects. In the mouth we find a slightly petillant entry. Aromas of pear, citrus and herbs that transport us to the meadows of Sardinia island. A light but dense development at the same time and a rabid citrus route, very Italian. Delicate herbal and citrus notes, very suitable for family aperitifs. Good freshness at all times thanks to the granite sub-soils of L' Alger village. Finish in mouth of 12.5% vol. with SO2 so present, a sorrow.

The Alghero Agricultural Society values this product at 6 euros, for sale in large commercial areas on the island. And if we talk about Alghero / L'Alguer, we must remember its rich history through which the Phoenicians, Etruscans, Catalans and Sardinians have passed. Therefore, for this Vermentino you must propose dishes that are 101% Mediterranean cuisine: prawn and zucchini skewers or a Calçot (seared grilled spring onion) with romesco sauce. Tutti a tavola!

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