Domaine Barreau cuvée Tradition 2021 (AOC Gaillac): the wine of the cathars with southwest DNA

The whites from the south-west of France are divided into three classes: Pyrenean blends (Mansengs, Camaralet, Courbu, Arrufiac, etc.), Oceanic blends (Sauvignon, Sémillon, Muscadelle, etc.) and 'Haut Pays' blends (which include native varieties from the banks of the Tarn river). This wine is an example of that third group, including Mauzac, Ondenc and the globalist Sauvignon. Domaine Barreau, in Gaillac, proposes this traditional and regional blending. 

A white wine without visual defects. On the nose, intense butter, spring flowers such as acacia and honeydew notes, pear and white spices appear. In the mouth, a dry entry but at the same time with a density that adds 'gras' (12% vol.). The Ondenc good freshness contrasts with the capacity of Mauzac to add wideness. A vibrant development before a bitter finish (orange peel), with hints of ripe white fruit. A spicy aftertaste but with excess sulfur.

A price of about 6 euros to enter in one of the least known denominations internationally but which has been producing white wine since ancient times. Gaillac, with enormous potential, is the example that the native varieties of the Sud-Ouest have a lot to say. As a pairing, great local cheeses can be a very interesting option to share with friends. Try artisan and farmer sheep cheeses: Massipou, Mont de Lacaune or Pérail on a slice of toasted village bread.

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