Egia Tegia cuvée Dena Dela blanc (French Basque Country): maturation in the Basque Sea is the best for Ugni Blanc and Colombard

Underwater winemaking is the best resource for wineries that do not have the best terroirs in renowned wine-growing areas. However, this innovative concept produces uniquely flavored wines with a depth of sensations that makes them unforgettable. For this cuvée, two typical South-West varieties have been chosen, which are also the flag-varieties of Armagnac brandy region: Colombard and Ugni Blanc (in Italy known as Trebbiano).

Pale color with greenish sparkles, like the crown of the god Neptune, the authority of the seas. On the nose, a beautiful intensity highlights notes of pear, apricot or apple, combining complexity and depth. It enters the mouth with a slight roundness, which immediately links with the natural acidity of the Gascon varieties mentioned. Pleasant and feminine development with only 11% vol. A delicious texture that invites new herbal and citrus notes until the end.

The breeding took place on the coast of Saint-Jean-de-Luz (St Jhon of Light) at fifteen meters of depth. The duration of said immersion was carried out from November 2020 to February 2021, that is, three months. All this work has a value of 13 euros, very optimal. This white that means 'whatever' is what the little mermaid, Triton and the rest of his friends enjoy in the waters of the Basque Sea. As a pairing, all the seafood from this wonderful place is the best option, without forgetting the pintxos. Gauza ona ama!

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