Domaine Saparale rouge Natura 2022 (Vin de France): its origin is his best label

The southwest of Corsica is a destination that will mark you forever. There you can explore its incredible caves and cliffs, navigate its beaches of high rocks sculpted by the wind, or even walk around its old vineyards, where you can observe the incredible grape varieties reserve. And, of course, you can meet its native people, whose pride in their neither French nor Italian culture and heritage shines in everything they do. A true paradise for all the senses like this Natural Niellucio - Sciaccarellu!

Uncorked just one year after its harvest, it still shows the ruby tones and the depth of anthocyanins provided by the Niellucio (majority in this case). On the nose, the purity of a fruit at its point of maturity stands out. Evoking juicy and delicate fruit, which explodes between the teeth. In the mouth, round entry. Dense and gouleyant development. The almighty fruit follows, a tribute to the ripe forest fruit. Pleasant and feminine thanks to the Sciaccarellu's presence. Still tannic finish that encourages you to purchase several bottles and save half of them.

A wine that is an emotion in itself. And at a price of 17 euros, highly recommended. In this same blog you can read about their rosé alsofrom the Natura range. Both this and that one share respect for health but also their vocation to enjoy in spring and summer, when the sun encourages toasting with friends at a countryside picnic. Corsican tapas with regional sausage (coppa, capocollo, pancetta...) always manage to make us throw the cork very far.

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