Domaine de Chesnaies cuvée Déchaînée 2020 (AOC Bourgueil): a precisely red femenine wine

Indre-and-Loire is a beautiful French region, with captivating landscapes and a rich, deep culture. Imagine villages full of slate houses, where time seems to have stopped. Villages surrounded by a green tapestry of meadows and vineyards, where the treetops sway in the wind. And the Loire River, a silver vein that runs through the region, reflecting the blue sky. Now imagine him with a glass of Cabernet Franc in your hand, does it look good, yes?

Uncorking three years after harvest we see a delicate opacity confirming a diluted and light style, still showing youth. The typical nose of Bourgueil Cabernet Franc reveals currant, raspberry, spices on a violets background. Once in the mouth, its entry is dry. Feminine and delicate development (13% vol.). Silky texture in the key of small fruits from the wild forest on the banks of the Loire and lactic echoes. Medium-low structure that leaves us with an ideal wine for when we just want to relax.

This organic wine, valued at 10.60 euros, shows the feminine side of Bourgueil and its vineyard. The red wines of the Loire Valley always seduce with frank and juicy fruit. The best red wines from the Loire are the ones you can enjoy with a beautiful woman admiring a sunset, and believe me if this is the case. Its service at 12º C is what we recommend here. If you like the winery, you might be interested in their cuvée old 30yo vines, also came out from Ingrandes-de-Touraine village.

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