Domaine Saparale Oenoteca Carcaghjolu 2019 (Vin de France): amphorae are the key to the best cared red variety of Corsica

Aging in amphorae is an ancient technique that has been used in ancient Greece and the Caucasus. Maturing the Carcaghjolu variety in 200 liter amphorae is interesting for several reasons. To begin with, the texture of the amphora allows the wine to breathe slowly, benefiting from micro-oxygenation. Furthermore, the terracotta material, unlike wood, respects all the varietal flavor of a grape as unique as this one.

Medium-discreet opacity visually. The small red forest fruit appears on the first nose and, on the second nose, the complexity of notes of big game and Corsican family butchery. In the mouth a round entrance, which gains richness in development. Its medium-high structure is enhanced by the freshness-seal of the granite soils. Lots of fruit that eclipses the animal register perceived on the nose. Aging in a 200-liter amphora really provides great finesse. The fruit is back... how wonderful. And it can still get old.

This micro-cuvée, valued at 48 euros, is an artisan red that highlights all the virtues of this native Corsican variety. This bottle was uncorked four years after its harvest and can last several more. So it's time to save a few bottles and open them on a special occasion, at 13º C. As a pairing, I would suggest a Roast lamb shoulder (Corsican breed) confit in the oven for 40 minutes. Una delizia, signora!

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