Domaine J. Denuzière 2016 (AOC Cornas)

The best terroirs in Cornas (Ardèche province) are generally located on steep slopes of granite soils, usually near the Rhône river, with southeast or south exposure. The best known terroirs there are 'Clos de Reynards', 'Les Sabarottes', 'Les Mazards' and 'La Côte'. These areas produces dark fruited, full-bodied, highly tannic Shiraz wines that tend to benefit from extended aging. We mustn't forget the 'Sauman' hill, being the mountain in Cornas where is planted this Syrah vinified by Caroline Moro.

Visually we find a medium opacity accompanied by an evolution course disc (uncorking in 2021). Fine and colored tears typical of Shiraz. An intense and complex nose. We find a mixture of ripe fruit, Provencal garrigue, leather and an earthy and spicy side. Entry of a certain roundness that quickly connects with a good freshness still. Medium structure (13.5% vol.) Dedicated to the aging side, supported by spicy notes and licorice. That good volume displays exciting ripe black fruit that is unmarked by barrel aging. The spice puts persistence and signature in a great red.

Without leaving this blog, two Denuzière references were also discussed already: one of them was her 2018 Hermitage, fleshy and complex. The other wine was its Condrieu, an ode to opulent and exuberant Viognier. This Cornas (less masculine than the named Hermitage) is valued at about 40 euros. As a regional pairing, an Lamb shoulder with candied tomatoes and shallots, a recipe full of flavors and colors that will make you throw away the cork of this Cornas.

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